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Business Segments

Main business segment


Serial number


Main contracting scope



Mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting level 1

Can undertake the construction of various types of electrical and mechanical engineering.

      Note: Electromechanical engineering refers to the electromechanical installation of other industrial projects such as machinery, electronics, light industry, textile, aerospace, ships, weapons and other industrial projects that are not included in ports and waterways, water conservancy and hydropower, electric power, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, and communication engineering. engineering.



Municipal public works construction general contracting level 1

Can undertake the construction of various municipal public works


      1. Municipal public works include: water supply engineering, drainage engineering, gas engineering, thermal engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering, urban tunnel engineering (including cross-river tunnels in urban planning areas, subway tunnels, underground traffic projects, underground crossings) ), public transportation engineering, rail transit engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, lighting engineering, and greening engineering.

      2. The municipal comprehensive project includes any two or more types of projects such as urban roads and bridges, water supply, drainage, water, gas, heat, electricity, communication, and lighting.



Petrochemical engineering construction general contracting level 1

Can undertake construction, inspection and maintenance of various types of petrochemical projects.

      Note: Petrochemical engineering refers to oil and gas field ground, oil and gas storage and transportation (pipes, storage, etc.), petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical and other main projects, supporting projects and production auxiliary auxiliary projects.



General contracting for construction projects level 1

Can undertake the construction of the following construction projects with a single contract amount of more than 30 million yuan:

      (1) Industrial and civil construction projects with a height of less than 200 meters;

      (2) Construction of structures below 240 meters in height.


         Construction engineering refers to civil construction projects, industrial construction projects, structural engineering projects, and supporting roads, communication pipe network pipelines and other facilities in various structural forms. The project includes foundation and foundation, main structure, building roof, decoration and decoration, building curtain wall, attached civil air defense project, water supply and drainage and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, lightning protection and other supporting projects.



Power Engineering Construction General Contracting Level 3

It can undertake power generation projects with a single unit capacity of less than 100,000 kilowatts, power transmission lines of 110 kilovolts or less, and substation projects of the same voltage level.


        Power engineering refers to projects related to the production, transmission and distribution of electric energy, including thermal power generation, hydropower generation, nuclear power generation, wind power, solar energy and other energy power generation, transmission and distribution projects and other supporting projects.



Metallurgical Engineering Construction General Contracting Level 3

Can undertake the construction of the following metallurgical projects

      (1) Steelmaking or continuous casting projects with an annual output of less than 1 million tons;

      (2) Steel rolling projects with an annual output of less than 800,000 tons;

      (3) Iron and steel projects with an annual output of less than 1 million tons;

      (4) Coking projects with an annual output of less than 1 million tons;

      (5) An alumina processing project with an annual output of less than 200,000 tons;

      (6) Non-ferrous metal smelting and electrolysis projects with an annual output of less than 150,000 tons of aluminum or less than 80,000 tons of copper, lead, zinc or less than 15,000 tons of nickel;

      (7) Non-ferrous metal processing projects with an annual output of less than 40,000 tons or production of metal foil projects of less than 4,000 tons;

      (8) New dry process cement production line project with a daily output of 2,500 tons or less;

      (9) New dry process cement production line preheater system or cement firing system project with a daily output of less than 3,000 tons;

      (10) Float glass project with a daily melting capacity of 450 tons or less or a cement grinding project with an annual output of less than 800,000 tons.



Fire protection engineering design and construction level 1

Unlimited size of fire protection facilities

Can engage in the corresponding construction project general contracting business within the scope of the qualification certificate and engineering design, engineering construction, project management and related technical and management services.



Steel structure engineering professional contracting level 1

Can undertake the construction of the following steel structure works:

      (1) The height of the steel structure is more than 60 meters;

      (2) The steel structure has a single span of 30 meters or more;

      (3) Reticulated shell and grid structure with a short side span of more than 50 meters

      (4) The total weight of the single steel structure engineering steel structure is more than 4,000 tons;

      (5) The single building area is more than 30,000 square meters.

      Note: Steel structure engineering refers to the construction of the main load-bearing beams and columns of buildings or structures using steel as the main material, and factory-made and on-site installation.



Foundation engineering professional contractor level 1

Can undertake the construction of various types of foundation engineering.



Lifting equipment installation engineering professional contractor level 1

It can undertake the installation and disassembly of tower cranes, various construction lifts and gantry cranes.



Building decoration and decoration engineering professional contractor level 1

Can undertake all kinds of building decoration and decoration projects, as well as the construction of other projects directly supporting the decoration project.

      Note: Other works directly related to the renovation project refer to the transformation of water, warm, electricity and non-bearing walls without changing the main structure.



Ancient construction engineering contracting level 1

It can undertake the construction of all kinds of antique buildings and ancient building repair projects.

      Note: 1. Antique construction project refers to the construction of houses and structures (including pavilions and platforms) constructed by traditional structures (wood, wood, stone, earth, tile, etc.) based on traditional structures (wood structure, masonry structure). , towers, etc.), as well as construction projects that partially utilize traditional building materials.

      2. The ancient building repair project refers to the restoration, reinforcement and repair of ancient buildings within a certain range by using traditional building materials and modern building materials.



Construction machinery and electrical installation engineering professional contractor level 1

It can undertake the installation of equipment, lines and pipelines of various construction projects, the transformation of power stations under 35 kV, and the manufacture and installation of non-standard steel structural parts.



City and road lighting engineering professional contractor level 1

Can undertake the construction of various types of urban and road lighting projects.



Environmental engineering professional contracting level 1

Can undertake the construction of various environmental protection projects.

     Note: Environmental protection engineering refers to water pollution prevention and control projects, air pollution prevention and control projects, solid waste treatment and disposal projects, physical pollution prevention projects and pollution remediation projects, among which: water pollution prevention and control projects include industrial wastewater prevention and control projects, urban sewage pollution prevention and control projects. (excluding urban pipe network, pumping station and public buildings such as office buildings), sewage reuse projects and hospitals, livestock and poultry breeding, garbage leachate and other special industry wastewater pollution prevention and control projects; air pollution control projects include Pollution prevention and control projects such as soot, dust, gas and aerosol, indoor air; solid waste treatment and disposal projects include domestic garbage (excluding public buildings such as office buildings), general industrial solid waste, hazardous solid waste and other solid waste Physical treatment and disposal engineering; physical pollution prevention and control projects include traffic noise, building construction noise, industrial noise, indoor noise, electromagnetic and vibration pollution prevention projects; pollution restoration projects include pollutants, contaminated soil, mines and other ecological restoration or restoration projects.



Airport Visual Aiding Engineering Professional Contracting level 2

The flight area indicator is 4E or above, and the single contract amount is less than 5 million visual navigation aids; or the flight area indicator is 4D or less.

      Note: Airport visual aids include: approach lighting system, visual grade indication system, run-to, taxiway, station lighting system, airport lighting and other navigation lighting systems, signage, ground signs, markers, Berth guidance systems, etc., navigational lighting monitoring systems, navigational lighting substations, flight area power supply projects, and visual aids.



Waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation engineering professional contracting level 2

It can undertake the construction of building waterproofing projects with a single contract amount of less than 3 million yuan, and the construction of various anti-corrosion and thermal insulation projects with a single contract amount of less than 6 million yuan.



Special engineering contracting (lifting without rating)

Can undertake the construction of the corresponding special professional projects,

      Note: Special engineering refers to special professional projects that are not separately established, such as: building deviation and translation, structural reinforcement, special equipment lifting and hoisting, special lightning protection engineering.



Overseas engineering

Undertake overseas projects within the scope of qualification permits



Pressure pipe installation license (GA1 Class B, GB1, GB2 (2), GC1, GD1)



Pressure vessel manufacturing license (A3 spherical tank on-site welding)



Elevator installation, renovation, maintenance permit



Boiler installation and renovation permit (level 1)



Boiler Maintenance License (level 1)



Undertake (repair, test) power facility permit (level 4)



Fire facility maintenance inspection temporary level 2

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